By supporting us you help us support Willows. We recommend a visit.

There's a charming cafe, dairy-free, with a huge collection of second hand books for sale. The shop has a fabulous array of vegetarian foods, essential oils, crafts and cards.

And there are happy rescue cats, horses, owls, pigs, rabbits and more. Babe the piglet fell off a lorry going to slaugher right outside Willows !

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Willows Animal Sanctuary is the largest sanctuary in Aberdeenshire and will try to help any animal in distress. We have been a Scottish charity since 1999 and have helped literally thousands of animals and birds during this time. We operate a strict no kill policy and only put an animal to sleep on veterinary advice. Willows now cares for over 400 animals including 100 equines, 60 cats and dogs, 200 farm animals and birds and many more small animals and reptiles. We particularly try to help horses and ponies who would otherwise face slaughter.

We are totally dependent on donations, legacies and grants from benevolent organizations to keep the sanctuary running. Unlike larger charities we have no reserves of money and are always desperately short of funds. We specialise in helping elderly or more vulnerable animals that have already been refused help by well-known large national charities, but we can only continue to help needy animals with your support!